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Clostridioides difficile

Clostridioides difficile is a major cause of intestinal infection and diarrhea in individuals following antibiotic treatment. Exciting progress has been made in defining the role of the microbiome, specific commensal bacterial species and host immunity in defense against C. difficile infection. C. difficile-induced colitis is the most common and costly healthcare-associated infection with an estimate of nearly half a million cases in the U.S.A. and approximated 29,000 deaths occurring annually. Disease ranges from mild diarrhea to severe colitis. The intestinal microbiota provides resistance against C. difficile infection and disruption of the microbiota, for example through antibiotic treatment, allows the bacterium to proliferate in the gut. We investigate factors that regulate C. difficile virulence and host-microbiota mediated mechanisms that contribute to protection from disease, such as conversion of primary to secondary bile acids and activation of innate immune defenses.

C. difficile-specific publications

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